3rd World Irrigation Forum

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World Irrigation Forum


The triennial World Irrigation Forum (WIF) aims to bring together all the stakeholders involved in irrigation of multi-disciplines and all scales, including the policy makers, experts, research institutions, non-governmental organizations and farmers. It provide a platform for the world irrigation community and interested development professionals to find solutions to problems plaguing the irrigated agriculture, in time of depleting freshwater resources as a result of global warming and climate change.

ICID provides a unique platform for multi-stakeholder in World Irrigation Forum (WIF) for sharing and learning by engaging in issues of interest at global level. WIF also gathers a wide range of experts from various fields to discuss important issues highlighted.

The World Irrigation Forum stimulates and promotes multi- disciplinary discussions towards sustainable solution to water management in agriculture through:

  • Exchange of latest irrigation and drainage policies, practices, innovations and technologies;
  • Exploring and formulating concrete inter-disciplinary proposals;
  • Development of liaison/ collaboration among various national / international institutions/ organizations/ private sector working for irrigated agriculture; and
  • Advocacy for political commitments.



The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID)


The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), established in 1950 is the leading scientific, technical and non-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). ICID, through its network of professionals spread across more than a hundred countries, has facilitated sharing of experiences and transfer of water management technology for over half-a-century. ICID support capacity development stimulates research and innovation and strives to promote policies and programs to enhance sustainable development of irrigated agriculture through a comprehensive water management framework. The mission of ICID is to stimulate and promote the development and application of the arts, sciences and techniques of engineering, agriculture, economics, ecological and social sciences in managing water and land resources for irrigation, drainage, flood management, for achieving sustainable agriculture water management. ICID encourages public private partnership in development and management of water resources. The membership of the Commission consists of countries which are normally represented by National Committees (NC) and Direct Members (DM) comprising of individuals, companies, and institutions. English and French are the official languages of the Commission.



Indonesian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (INACID)


Indonesia is one of the eleven countries which established the ICID in 1950. But only until around 1970 the country could participate more regularly in the ICID activities. In 1972 the Director General of Water Resources Development of Indonesia, DR. Suyono Sosrodarsono became the Vice President of ICID (1972-1975). Most recently, Dr. Ir. Basuki Hadimoeljono, has elected as Vice President of ICID for the period of 2013-2016 representing Indonesian National Committee of ICID. Even though the ICID is basically a semi government organization and need to encompass all related institutions, it was not until recently, in March 1994, the current Director General of Water Resources Development took those steps into practice. The organization of the current Indonesian National Committee for ICID was restructured in March 1994. The organization structure of INACID is led by a President of Management Board of which the headquarters is in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.